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Application process,  Nonrefundable Retainer to reserve a puppy & Prices

To start the process, please request for an application to be emailed to you through our website or at The application we email can be completed easily on any smart device and doesn't require downloading and scanning. It will also automatically send each party a completed copy.

Appointments are scheduled ONLY if we have a completed application on file. This is for our saftey as well as that of our puppies.

To reserve a puppy we require a completed application and a nonrefundable $450 retainer.  In the event, you are unable to take possession of your puppy within 1 wk of your puppy turning 8 wks (unless agreed upon in writing prior to this date) or you change your mind prior to the puppy turning 5 weeks, we will allow the retainer to transfer to another available puppy within 1 year subject to current market prices and availability; otherwise you are choosing to forfeit your retainer as we have reserved this puppy specifically for your family and in doing so, took said puppy off the market missing sales opportunities as well as having provided considerable time in person, electronically or over the phone. This retainer will now pay for the service of our time spent your family picking a puppy, answering questions and general communications.

A sample contract is provided for your perusal only. A final contract is sent out before a puppy goes home.

PER STATE LAW, we charge sales tax on all of our puppies that stay in the state of Texas. We add the 8.25% Sales Tax onto the balance of the total purchase price for your puppy in accordance with the law. 


AS A CONVEINECE for our customers, we also offer a delivery service in Texas or surrounding states with a fabulous independent puppy nanny who is very reliable and has reasonable rates. Delivery maybe set up to meet you halfway or to bring the puppy all the way to your front door.  The delivery fee will vary depending upon the distance to cover fuel, time & travel costs.   

LIVE OUT OF STATE or INTERNATIONALLY? We recommend that you FLY INTO DFW or LOVEFIELD and we will meet you at the airport with all the required paperwork and your puppy so that your pup can fly in the cabin with you as a carry on.  We are happy to walk you through all methods of transportation for your puppy. 

PRICES? Prices vary depending upon the particular cross, current market, markings, eye color and sex. In GENERAL, our pups run $900 to 1600 for red or black tris depending on markings and eye color, $2000 Merle males and $2000 merle females all registered as pets. Breeding rights are an additional $1000 and discussed on a case-by-case basis. While we have lots of strong BET or blue eyed producing lines, we DO NOT  guarantee eye color as they can and do change up and until 14 weeks!  We can do out best to guide you with our extensive experience but do not have a crystal ball as much as we would like one!

Accepted Form of Payments:
Cash, Cashier Check, Paypal, Zelle, Cash app, Apple Pay & Venmo. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FOR ANY REASON.
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