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You spoke and we listened!

BBR Puppy Families:

WAHOO - we have been listening! Many of you have reached out asking for additional training resources available from your home. While we love referring families for one-on -one training, we realize that not every family can afford private training or the luxury of board and train options, as an alternative, we found an amazing online training program for all of our puppy families, especially considering how busy life can be - it's called BAXTER & Bella! Several of my breeder friends have used it with their puppy families and have gotten rave reviews!

In short, their system is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching YOU on how to work with your dog, as well as teaching you how to successfully integrate a canine companion into your life, family, and home! Their program can even be implemented by kids! It is straightforward, visual and is simple to follow. The trainers are all AKC Certified Trainers and have 4-year canine and behavioral training degrees. They specialize in training service dogs and they truly understand Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles.

What's more, they are offering our families an instant 25% savings on their Lifetime Unlimited Membership, which includes more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts and checklists, unlimited one-on-one professional help, online classes and courses, training games and activities, in addition to so much more... all for less money than what many people will pay to participate in typical puppy courses - IT'S A GAME-CHANGER!

The Best part included in this membership is that you always have the option to schedule a 1 on 1 Video conference with Amy or Scott to customize a plan for your puppy and it is FREE. They are super responsive and accessible.


You can learn more about who they are, what they offer and how to get started by visiting:

Or simply watch their overview video by clicking on the following quick link (Such a cute family):

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