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Wishing all of of 4 legged followers and their hoomans a safe and memorable 4th of July!

Please remember while you are having fun celebrating, your pets think all the noise is a sign that their world is coming to an end. Bring those fur babies inside, use a thunder jacket or google how to make your own with an everyday sheet, turn on the TV or music to help drowned out the noise outside, be generous with bones to nibble and if needed, give them a dose of benedryl to help them relax until the loudest night of the year is over! If you find yourself without a furbaby this holiday, feel free to browse our available puppies section on our website. We have 2 stunning ASCA litters, 1 Flashy ASDR standard litter and some beautiful mini babies of all 4 colors almost READY to snuggle in a new family's arms. Add a little sparkle to your life~ RESERVE your puppy now!

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