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We are ranked and in GOOD company!

Pretty tickled to have a potential client share this article with me listing Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies as being one of the best places in Texas to buy an Australian Shepherd puppy! Although we know there are many wonderful Aussie breeders in Texas, we are proud to be ranked as one of the good ones

and feel we have worked super hard for this recognition! As a licensed breeder, we continue to learn from great mentors and work hard to not only improve our program but enrich the lives of our fur babies! If you have a BBR baby we thank you for your support. If you are a BBR stalker, we thank you for following us and hope to help you add a new furbaby to your family soon!

SHELTERAPET.COM 5 Best Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Texas 2022 | Australian Shepherd Breeders TX – The Pet Guide Home

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