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Punishment doesn’t fit the crime!

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

UPDATE: Wix Chat have been added to the site as a replacement for FB Messenger. You will see Wix Chat on the bottom left corner with a blue bar. Please use this feature or the 'Contact' page for future questions, thank you!

It is true! If you have been following our journey on our FB Page you may already realize something isn’t quite right. Last Wednesday, we were put in FB jail for posting updated pictures to our puppy albums. We protested being classified with groups who “post drug paraphernali, trafficking and arms/weapon dealing “ as somehow we think it is a STRETCH to classify cute puppies with drugs & Guns. Common Zuckerberg! We thought you were smarter than that! Anyhoo, we are disappointed to say that while BBR isn’t allowed to showcase their puppies on FB, the notorious Petland, a true Puppy mill, is approved and sanctioned to advertise on FB! Let that marinate for a minute.

We are a bit miffed and upset but definitely not defeated because we know we have a true heart ❤️ for raising well bred, well socialized Puppies and we have enjoyed a tremendous level of love and support from our families who either have a BBR puppy or they plan to add one to their families. So with all of this said, we hope you will subscribe to our newsletter, follow our journey here, on MeWe and IG ( for as long as it lasts because FB now owns IG🤦🏻‍♀️). We will also be creating a Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies Family Page for current and prospective families on FB to share puppy love without sharing available puppies on that format. Thank you for continuing to lift our family up in prayer as we navigate a new plan of action to share our puppies with the world. Love Angela, Scott, Ryan & Emma 🐾 along with all the BBR pooches 🐶

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Jun 17, 2019

Additionally, I have added a Wix Chat feature to the site. This will be the new 'Messenger' chat for everyone. You will see it on the bottom left corner that is a blue bar saying 'Let's Chat!'. Please send any questions and response through this chat system or 'Contact' page from now on. Thank you!

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