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Honored to be recognized

Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies is humbled and honored to be recognized by Wow Pooch as being in the top 19 Australian Shepherd Breeders in Texas for 2022! It is one thing to feel in your heart that you have an amazing program, but it is truly a feel-good moment as a breeder for an outsider to recognize your hard work and acknowledge that you have put together a top-notch program publicly! We certainly don't put in the blood sweat and tears for the recognition as we truly are passionate about this wonderful breed but occasionally receiving validation that your work matters is both humbling and uplifting for our family and our staff. Texas is a state blessed by some truly phenomenal Australian Shepherd breeders, so we are proud to be included alongside our esteemed colleagues.

For those of you considering Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies for your next family member, we raise our puppies with lots of love and hands on attention using Puppy Culture Protocols and Early Neurological Stimulation to raise more confident, friendly puppies who have developed the ability to problem solve and overcome natural fear stages as they navigate puppyhood! Puppy Culture is a scientifically based program that was originally developed for the military to raise confident puppies for their own program. We implement this program by introducing puppies to wobble boards, tunnels, teeter totters, the ball pit, sensory and water play as well as introduction to a variety of carefully chosen people of all ages to interact with each litter as they grow up. Also raising a puppy in a farm setting, means exposure to a variety of animals, sights and smells all of which, work together to synergistically encourage a puppy to develop more confidence in their own problem-solving abilities. Puppy Culture coupled with our paid High School Internship from their pre-vet program and agriculture program allows us to help encourage and nurture the next generation of young adults by giving them a hands-on job that matters. Thís in turn, helps create the wonderful, happy, well-adjusted family members we strive to raise for our families.

All puppies at BBR go home with a 30 Day Trupanion Health Insurance plan, a lifetime prepaid microchip, a toy, a blanket that smells like mom and littermates, transition food, supplements and chew bones. We also include partner discount codes for training, food and supplements to ensure our families pay absolutely the lowest prices possible. In addition, we offer a lifetime of owner support and have a fabulous family group on FB to allow families to share and celebrate milestones together as well as follow siblings.

We sincerely hope that when it comes time to search for your next family member, that you will schedule an appointment to see first-hand what Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies has to offer. In the meantime, enjoy this great review of Texas Australian Shepherd Breeders by Wow Pooch Top 19 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Texas (TX) State [2022] - WowPooch

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